Nasomatto is an olfactory brand created by Alessandro Gualtieri, aka "The Nose". Creativity and innovation are its distinctive features: this artist's idea is a perfume that can be interpreted subjectively by each person, no one should feel influenced but should be able to let themselves be carried away by their emotions. 

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Nasomatto, genius and flair in eleven sensational fragrances

Behind the eccentric perfumes Nasomatto there is the very Italian Alessandro “The Nose” Gualtieri, a master perfumer who grew up in the fashion houses of Versace, Fendi, Valentino and Romeo Gigli during the years of the “run for perfume” by stylists. Dissatisfied with this working environment, Gualtieri decides to set up on his own in Amsterdam and to launch the niche brand in 2007 Nasomatto, destined to achieve great success with Black Afgano, an extraordinary fragrance containing small cannabis extracts. All the products in this collection are presented in precious 30 ml bottles, characterized by wonderful caps inspired by the raw materials that enliven the olfactory notes of each of them. Those who choose a perfume from this line want to express contrast, transgression and seduction, enhancing their identity through artistic creations unique in the world.

scents Nasomatto: fragrances that are addictive

In addition to the aforementioned Black Afgano, a must for lovers of incense, grass, wood and resins, among perfumes Nasomatto best sellers are Narcotic Venus, Duro, Absinth and Blamage. Narcotic Venus is a feminine perfume entirely devoted to seduction, with powerful notes of jasmine, lilac, spices and tuberose, while Duro is its perfect masculine equivalent, thanks to its carnal, sexy and extremely virile character. Absinth is a bohemian fragrance that releases a bewitching smell of earth, absinthe, herbs and vetiver, causing addiction to anyone who wears it. Starting from the unmistakable cap of the bottle, Blamage is a hypnotic and inimitable unisex work of art, the result of the casual combination of woody and aromatic essences. Ottaviano Parfums et Beauté is an authorized reseller in Italy and in the rest of the world of all authentic products Nasomatto, through this online store and the four niche perfumeries in Novara, Biella, Borgomanero and Vercelli.

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