If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun and love sunbathing, our advice is to prepare your skin as best you can with specific pre-sunscreen products such as: 

  1. MC2's Hyaluronic Acid serum formulated with two different molecular weights high molecular weight (prevents physiological water loss through the skin while maintaining superficial and deep hydration), low molecular weight (have high ability to penetrate transcutaneously promotes deep hydration).

  2. Vitamin C Illuminating Serum by Ecooking this serum contains the active ingredient actibiome which strengthens the skin, reduces redness and equalizes skin tone.

  3. Face and Body Oil with Agenov Activator, quickly absorbed, to be used  as a tan activator, thanks to the association of Oleo-Tyrosine, Luffa Oil and Oleic Acid that helps stimulate the activity of melanocytes and also as an after-sun product to repair, soothe and moisturize the skin.

  4. Serum Agenov presence hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights that helps the skin to stay hydrated and toned. The product is enriched with urea and betaglucan, two allies for cell renewal.


For a TOP tan we recommend a Melanin Activator, a product that prepares the skin for tanning by giving an uniform color, reducing exposure time, preventing possible problems from prolonged exposure such as redness and sunburn, but also providing the right moisture for your skin. Among the activators/intensifiers that we prefer, whose differences are essentially in the active ingredient, we can recommend:

  1. Evy's Daily Tan Activator tanning mousse (ingredients include Dihydroxy Methylchromonyl Palmitate, which stimulates skin's melanin production even without UVB exposure)

  2. Intensifier with self-tanning and high concentration of aloe vera Hot! Black by Australian Gold (here a DHA of the latest generation gives a tan color extra-dark) the high concentration of Aloe Vera provides the skin with over 20 amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and biologically active sterols that can take care of the skin giving it maximum hydration and pure well-being.

  3. O'Sole Mio Legs and Difficult Areas Gel by Diego Dalla Palma for those who have difficulty tanning legs and other difficult areas. Ultra concentrated in BRONZUP. Intensifies and speeds up tanning, for an even and long-lasting complexion. Fresh, non-greasy and quickly absorbed gel enriched with reflective micro pearls to give an immediate radiance to the complexion.

  4. Tan Activator by Darling is a face and body treatment suitable for all skin types, ideal to prepare, intensify, prolong the tan and strengthen the skin's natural defense mechanisms against photo-aging.

SUN CREAM from 6 to 50 SPF

Depending on your tan level and phototype, you can choose from our countless sunscreens, which are many and for all skin types.

But what are the differences between the brands we deal with?

  1. Evy sunscreens are based on patented medical research and act differently from most sun protection lines, they look like a mousse that does not stick, does not grease and absorbs immediately protecting but not weighing down the skin.

  2. Australian Gold sunscreens will give you the tan you want. These products are available in cream or spray format to meet your needs. Australian Gold has always been synonymous with quality with formulations rich in botanical ingredients with skin care action.

  3. Sun Lotion with Roucou SPF 15 Face and Body 125 ml by Ligne St Barth Essential companion to expose yourself to the sun with confidence, the St. Barth Sun Lotion combines the strength of protective filters, of mineral origin, with the benefits of plant ingredients such as roucou extract, bisabolol and beeswax.

  4.  Insium Water Resistant Sun Lotions include a COMPLETE of active ingredients that accelerate and intensify the tan and restore the skin barrier. The products are 100% Made In Italy and have the VEGAN PETA CERTIFICATION.


After sun exposure, it's good to continue pampering your skin with our fresh, moisturizing after-sun products:

  1. Forever After Face and Body by Australian Gold is perfect hydration to maximize tan duration with an amplified moisturizing blend: natural humectants soften skin for 24-hour hydration.

  2. Pre- and After-Sun by Insium, spray and massage uniformly over face and body before and after sun exposure, avoiding eye contact. It absorbs immediately.

  3. For those who do not like cream: Aloe Drink in spary by Diego dalla Palma pure aloe vera juice, boosted with purified prickly pear extract and red vine juice hydratate skin's thirst and provide deep relief in case of exposure to sun, wind, smog and other sources of free radicals.

  4. Aftersun Mousse Face and Body EVY's aftersun mousse penetrates the top layer of the skin instead of staying on the surface. This ensures a long-lasting, water-resistant effect. The formula creates a protective barrier that strengthens the skin's natural defenses, giving a feeling of silky softness.

Whatever your need and your skin type you will surely be able to find the right product for you.

If you still have any doubts about which sunscreen or treatment is right for you, do not hesitate to ask for one of our personalised advice!

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