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Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942 is a name that has managed to gain considerable importance in the world of luxury perfumery in a short time. The brand Nobile 1942 is synonymous with quality handed down from generation to generation and has only rigorously selected and highly valuable products. The company produces its products by hand and still packs them all by hand.

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Nobile 1942: Italian excellence and tradition

For almost twenty years, perfumes Nobile 1942 stand out in the field of niche perfumery Italian, increasingly appreciated and sought after throughout the world. The brand was founded in the 2004 by Massimo Nobile and his wife Stefania Giannino, with the aim of fully representing Italian elegance in the world. Strengthened by decades of experience in the Chanel maison and a genuine love for the world of perfumes passed down to him by his grandfather and father, Massimo wanted to give life to a brand of luxury perfumes that could stand out for the quality of their ingredients and a totally artisanal soul. Even today, in fact, the company produces in-house and packages its products by hand with great care and passion.

A bridge between past and future

Nobile 1942 manages to blend perfectly tradition and innovation. While artisanal techniques guarantee the authenticity and quality of the fragrances, innovation allows us to explore new olfactory paths and create modern and sophisticated perfumes. This combination makes this brand appreciated by both purists of classic perfumery and lovers of new trends.

Olfactory treasures of immense value

Old Bridge it is, chronologically, the first of the perfumes Nobile 1942 and is available in both men's and women's versions. Both share opening notes of bergamot and mandarin, then separate towards more woody (men's) and flowery (women's) scents. Rudis it is a fantastic unisex fragrance, contained in a luxurious Florentine leather packaging made by Italian artisans. It is characterized by notes of grapes, pomace and dried fruits, which give way to spicy notes, geranium and rose and fade into notes of cedar, patchouli and vetiver. Malìa it is an extremely sensual women's perfume, in which osmanthus (a sweet and inebriating flower) stands out in the heart notes and leaves room for a spectacular tail of vetiver, musk and patchouli.

Fragrances suitable for all contexts

Wear perfume Nobile 1942 it means wrapping yourself in an aura of elegance and refinement. The fragrances are perfect for any occasion, from everyday life to special events, thanks to their versatility and distinctive character. Each perfume leaves a unforgettable ski, reflecting the personality of the wearer.

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Ottaviano Parfums et Beauté is among the few (scrupulously selected) official resellers of perfumes Nobile 1942, which can be purchased conveniently online through this shop or in perfumeries Ottaviano of Arona, Biella, Borgomanero, Novara and Vercelli. For any questions or requests about the brand, we are at your complete disposal and can offer you useful advice and information: contact us immediately to receive ours free personalized advice!

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