Akro is a sparkling brand of artistic fragrances founded by the young Jack Miskelly and Anaïs Cresp with the collaboration of Olivier Cresp, one of the most famous and highly regarded master perfumers in the world. The source of inspiration for the maison is the Ladbroke Grove area of ​​London, one of the most famous and iconic areas of the legendary English metropolis.

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Akro: vices, addictions and rituals in a bottle

Akro is a maison of niche perfumes that bears the signature of three very different personalities, united by the same love for artisan perfumery. Initially conceived by the young Jack Miskelly and Anaïs Cresp, the brand was able to count on the support and valuable contribution of Olivier Cresp (father of Anaïs), one of the most famous and highly regarded master perfumers on a global level. The philosophy of Akro is rooted in the more cosmopolitan and libertine side of contemporary London, a metropolis that allowed Jack and Anaïs to get to know each other while working (and having fun!) in the crowded pubs of the Ladbroke Grove area. The brand's fragrances do not follow any script or trend: they simply aim to capture and release the smells and images of some usual activities associated with vices, passions, small daily rituals and positive energy. Consequently, the ingredients used focus on the strong notes of smoke, leather, black coffee, whiskey, absinthe and dark chocolate, which have always been associated with pleasure by so many people.

Akro, a dream between London and Paris

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> Akro defines itself as a family, a gang, a group of people united by the same love for life, excesses and strong emotions. Before founding their brand and relying on the nose of Olivier Cresp for the creation of their niche fragrances, Jack and Anaïs spent a lot of time between Paris and London, maturing the decision to "bottle" their enthusiasm for life by creating their own artistic perfume brand. The headquarters of Akro the happy partnership continues between the couple and the London area of ​​Ladbroke Grove, known worldwide above all for the fantastic Portobello market.

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