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Montale scents

Montale scents is one of the most renowned artistic perfumeries in the world. The secret of this success is hidden in distant lands, in olfactory notes which preserve the traditions of the Orient. The search for raw materials of the highest quality and its aluminum bottle to best preserve the scents have radically influenced Italian and world artistic and luxury perfumery.

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Montale Perfumes: the charm of the Orient to wear every day on the skin

The history of the scents Montale It would be perfect for a movie script. About twenty years ago, returning from a trip to Arabia, the Parisian Pierre Montale decides to create a line of perfumes based on typically oriental fragrances, like the very precious one oud resin (of which he becomes a real "ambassador" throughout the West). This substance, also called agarwood, oodh or agar, forms on evergreen trees in Southeast Asia and has been used for millennia to produce intense fragrances, incense and scented ointments. The oud extraction method has remained secret for a very long time and involves the strictly manual collection of the resin and its storage for several years away from light, awaiting distillation.

The overwhelming success of the oud

Montale he is literally bewitched by what is in all respects a treasure, available in very limited quantities, and tries his hand at creating a range of very high quality designer perfumes, which chooses to market in bewitching aluminum bottles. The success is extraordinary and the brand Montale Profumi immediately becomes synonymous with exclusivity, craftsmanship and elegance. Montale perfumery is renowned for its dedication to excellence, using only the finest materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the unparalleled quality of each fragrance. Each bottle is a testimony to theimpeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail and embodies the refined aesthetic and distinctive savoir-faire of the maison.

scents Montale, from France to all over the world

In addition to more than a hundred products using oud, the range of perfumes Montale it has been enriched over time by astonishing essences based on roses, spices, woods, fruits, flowers, leather, musk, amber and vanilla. Some of the fragrances have become real best sellers in the fragrance sector niche perfumery, Such as:

  • Montale Intense Café
  • Montale Arabian Tonka
  • Montale Musk roses
  • Montale Sensual Instinct
  • Montale dark vanilla

Those who choose this brand choose excellence

Discover your olfactory signature among the signed works of art Montale Paris. With a large selection of unique and fascinating fragrances, Montale perfumery offers an incomparable experience for lovers of luxury and elegance. Trust the magic of Montale perfumes and transforms every day into aunforgettable experience. Express your personality and style through the distinctive fragrances of this renowned perfume house, and let your perfume tell your story with elegance and refinement.

The capacity of the bottle Montale

For a purely aesthetic choice desired by Montale Paris, the actual capacity of each bottle is 160 ml, but the quantity of perfume actually contained is 100 ml, as regularly stated in each product sheet on our site. Since the bottle is 60 ml larger than the perfume liquid contained in it, it is perfectly normal to have the perception of having an "already used" or "half empty" perfume in your hands, even if in reality this is not the case. A concrete proof of the integrity of each perfume bottle is constituted by the vacuum spray: if the spray requires several pressures of the cap before nebulizing the perfume, it means that the bottle has never been used before and the liquid must be "fished" for the first time from the spray straw. 

Watch out for fakes: how to recognize an authentic perfume Montale

Given its constantly growing popularity, the brand Montale it is unfortunately among the most falsified currently on the market. In Italy the brand is distributed exclusively by MM Perfumes, a partner company of Montale which is responsible for supervising and making traceable every single perfume package for the Italian market. Unlike perfumes Montale purchased wholesale from abroad (from unknown origin) and resold in Italy from various sites and physical stores, the boxes of authentic perfumes Montale distributed in Italy by MM Profumi they are always without protective cellophane (as they are marked one by one with easily identifiable unique codes). For this reason, in Italy the presence of cellophane on perfume packages Montale Paris It does NOT indicate the originality of the products, but simply indicates the (untraceable) foreign origin of these perfumes or, in the worst case, their non-originality. Anyone, in fact, can wrap perfumes in cellophane to make end customers believe they have original products in their hands, but the codes printed by MM Profumi on the packages are unique, registered and verifiable at any time by the official Italian distributor. 

Ottaviano is the official dealer of the brand Montale

Ottaviano Parfums et Beauté è Official seller Brand Montale and regularly buys all the fragrances from the Italian distributor MM Profumi. Whoever buys from us is certain of receiving scents Montale 100% original, traceable individually by MM Profumi itself. Our customers can purchase the fragrances Montale on this site or in our boutiques in Biella, Vercelli, Novara and Borgomanero (regularly included in thelist of authorized sales points on the official website of Montale Paris). Do you need advice on the most suitable fragrance for you? Contact us now to receive our personalized advice on all products Montale Perfumes!


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