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Montale Perfumes is one of the most renowned artistic perfumeries in the world. The secret of this success is hidden in distant lands, in olfactory notes which preserve the traditions of the Orient. The search for raw materials of the highest quality and its aluminum bottle to best preserve the scents have radically influenced Italian and world artistic and luxury perfumery.

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Montale Perfumes: the charm of the Orient to wear every day on the skin

The story of Montale perfumes would be perfect for a film script. About twenty years ago, returning from a trip to Arabia, the Parisian Pierre Montale decided to create a line of perfumes based on typically oriental fragrances, such as the highly prized oud resin (of which he became a real "ambassador" in all of the West). This substance, also called agarwood, oodh or agar, is formed on evergreen trees in Southeast Asia and has been used for millennia to produce intense fragrances, incense and perfumed ointments. The oud extraction method has remained secret for a very long time and involves the rigorously manual collection of the resin and its storage for several years away from the light, awaiting distillation. Montale is literally bewitched by what is to all intents and purposes a treasure, available in very limited quantities, and tries his hand at creating a range of designer perfumes of the highest quality, which he chooses to market in bewitching aluminum bottles. The success was extraordinary and the Montale Profumi brand immediately became synonymous with exclusivity, craftsmanship and elegance.

Montale perfumes, from France to all over the world

In addition to more than one hundred products using oud, the Montale range of perfumes has been enriched over time by astonishing essences based on roses, spices, woods, fruits, flowers, leather, musk, amber and vanilla. Some of the Montale fragrances have become real best sellers in the niche perfumery sector, such as:

In May 2015 in Paris, next to the Champs-Elysées, the fantastic Montale Paris showroom was inaugurated, a very elegant point of reference for all fans of the brand and, in general, of niche artisan perfumes. 

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