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Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi says that our body is experienced as a garden, its perfumes are the mirror of our soul. Orto Parisi fragrances are perfume extracts inspired by the parts of the body that smell the most. These perfumes, created by master Alessandro “The Nose” Gualtieri, are very persistent and extremely innovative.

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Orto Parisi, soul searching through smells

After having shaken the world of niche artistic perfumes with Nasomatto, the master perfumer Alessandro "The Nose" Gualtieri gave birth in 2014 to Orto Parisi, his second ambitious personal project. Orto Parisi perfumes are dedicated to Gualtieri's grandfather, Vincenzo Parisi, who cultivated his garden with extreme passion. For this maison Gualtieri has chosen to create innovative fragrances inspired by the most odorous parts of the body, which within the brand's philosophy are identified as the centers where the soul is most collected. As always, The Nose wanted to surprise by giving strong and provocative names to some perfumes, such as Stercus (which obviously does not release the smell of faeces but evokes the scent of wet hay!) or Terroni, which recalls Southern Italy Despite their often extreme and provocative identity, Orto Parisi perfumes are a recognized excellence in the world of artisan perfumery and are gaining more and more success among enthusiasts.

Orto Parisi: fragrances that enhance the body and spirit

Within the Orto Parisi collection, Megamare is a real best seller: intense, persistent and inspired by the impetuous sea, summer and the desire to escape to distant and mysterious places. Boccanera, on the other hand, is a fragrance that immediately recalls dark chocolate, combined with musk, sandalwood and ginger. Bergamask is a masculine perfume dedicated to bergamot, which is combined with olfactory notes of musk to give life to a fresh and extremely persistent fragrance. Finally, what about Cuoium? The bottle wrapped in a fascinating tanned leather cover and the rusty metal cap can only match perfectly with a leather men's perfume, created by Gualtieri to recall the first (and only) pair of leather shoes made by grandfather Vincenzo.

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